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Go (mid)west, die young…

February 12, 2014

Dear Windchill:

Be kind to us.  Our skin is not what it used to be.  Our soles may not suffice.

St. Louis, we are coming for your arch.
Chicago, we are coming for your deep dishes.
Grand Rapids, we are coming for your pancake houses.
Dearborn, we come to see Refuge.

With love and calloused fingers (LP3),
DANGERS (plural in the abstract)

Mavericks, Half Moons, and The Edge of the Western World

January 30, 2014

Our Homecoming found us breaking more PA systems (joke perennially on us) and eating more Pure Luck than we could handle.  Old friends, new record execs, guitar heroes, bosses, scoring partners, kids enjoying their first show (ever) all came out and shared the floor with us.  Repeatedly: THANK YOU.

We now turn our sights to the northern latitudes of our hallowed state, already bursting with 50-foot-face pride, for four shows of incomparable happenstance.  We’re playing at 924 Gilman in Berkeley, Casa Sanchez in SF, CYC in Fresno, and (on SUPERBOWL SUNDAY) we play at Project 418 in Santa Cruz.  The shows are chockfull of bands that we are in awe of (Know Secrets, Loma Prieta, The Down House, High Water, amongst others), plus we’ll cut our hair and get remaindered books at Moe’s.  Below, in all their multihued glory, are the flyers:

Unstoppable filth, flattery, rosebuds, and the lingering scent of snuffed matches.

et al dangersss

Coming to a living room near you…

January 21, 2014
By Gabriela Jeronimo

By Gabriela Jeronimo

Notes on bi-costal noise pollution:

  1. We successfully performed five punk rock shows in three east coast days, a feat that included three punishing sets in three eastern seaboard states in but one lone (exhausting) day
  2. Accordingly, our thanks to the fine (hip, punk, shoddily-clothed, well-patched, hoarse) people of Boston, Connecticut, Brooklyn, New Jersey, and Philadelphia, especially Kimberly, Al, James (in absentia), Jill (and her amazing band Ides), and Nick.
  3. Extra-special thanks to all involved in Vice for playing and lending and helping us out on our jaunt
  4. The weather was cooperative and, for that, we sat in huddled prayer for three layover hours in Romulus, Michigan admiring/cursing the frozen water collecting on the ground there
  5. I was unaware that “Tarney” was a name, but am now so aware and better for it
  6. Parts of Justin’s esophagus and stomach lining are currently freezing over near a West Philly gas station trashcan
  7. Alma Mater, ad infinitum
  8. The creation myth of eternal love and the grin a well-curated stack of coffee table books can induce
  9. Some photos here and also here
  10. A great live review here
  11. A homecoming, of sorts this weekend:
    1. Saturday January 25th @ Bridgetown DIY w/other creative folk:

ii. Sunday January 26th @ Oxford Street House w/other satan worshipers (and Adult Books)

Generally speaking, looking for the beauty, trying to find value in creation, replying always in the extreme positive when asked how my day is going, believing in brief moments, sleeping like a dead baby, admiring the feelings other people have caught, turning on the overhead light, affixing my mask before affixing anyone else’s, breaking bones, staying loyal to my barber, bending under the weight, jumping on heads, Calliope, little “m” matters, remaindered books, bathroom technology, The Hedgehog and the Fox, bending spoons, The Naked and the Dead.

With no further ado

January 14, 2014

This is out now:



You can preorder it here and here, both of which come with immediate downloads.  It’s also streaming on our Bandcamp site, where you millennials can procure the goods sans the actual goods.

Hope it whets your appetite.  Of destruction.


at the edge of the EASTERN world

January 6, 2014

We are returning to the East Coast.  In vintage us style, you are hearing about it only a week and a half before hand.  We are still attempting to wrangle now have a Brooklyn matinee scheduled on January 18.  We’ve also solidified an 11am house show in New Britain, CT before the Brooklyn matinee.  That night, we’ll be in Montclair, NJ.  That makes three shows in one day.  So…

Otherwise, we’re playing in some places we’ve never played (NJ, Philly), trying to avoid hypothermia, and making rock and roll die with style and grace.  We will have new records to sell.  West Coast and Midwest dates coming as well!  Without further ado (click on the venue for Facebook event pages):

Friday January 17th: Boston, MA @ The Democracy Center
Saturday January 18th: New Britain, CT @ The Bubble Bowl (11am sharp, email for address:
Saturday January 18th: Brooklyn, NY @ The Grand Victory (3pm sharp)
Saturday January 18th: Montclair, NJ @ The Meatlocker (9pm sharp)
Sunday January 19th: Philadelphia, PA @ The Golden Tea House

See you on the wrong coast…

Five O’Clock Shadows at the Edge of the Western World

December 17, 2013

Dear Patient Loud Music Enthusiast,

Today the onslaught of “publicity” for our new EP begins.  It has been many (many) moons since we last added something new to the world, but we hope that the extended time away has allotted us the critical distance to have produced something less redundant than a rushed offering may have yielded.  The end result is a six-song piece of vinyl (well, five songs plus a righteous interlude penned by our esteemed axeman) that, we hope, bends our abilities towards some new territories, both sonic and lyric.  The main brunt of the notion we were grappling with concerned the natural beauty of where we are from (Souther California), and how the addition of human beings to that locale has slashed deep scars (literal and metaphoric, environmental, social, political, personal) into what might otherwise have lacked the stain we’re so adroit in adding to the landscapes we settle within.  But there is something magic, too, that humans lend to the world, something animal and churning and magnetic.  We drive home on the westbound 105 into staggering sunsets that exist as a result of our own pollution and complain about the glare that we must suffer in order to enjoy 80 degree winters.  We surf and swim amidst our own fecal particulate, bemoan the noise requisite the miracle of flight overhead, and sleep tenderly with skin cancer blooming beneath our skin.

The record is, we hope, a midway point between what we have done before and where we are headed.  We’ve been a band for a (very) long time now, and we’re happy to have withstood the threat of boredom and regurgitation that have lurked just beyond us.  We do not plan on stopping yet, and hope that this release might prove that we still have something of worth to collar-yank into the world, kicking and screaming.  For this release, we opted to join forces with our friend Jeremy Bolm and his Secret Voice Records both to increase the exposure we might receive and to engage in the spirit of collaborative effort that we, generally, tend to support.  Our own Vitriol Records picked up whatever slack was necessary, and the result is a joint release that is both handsome and disgusting (peep that back cover, y’all).

The cover photograph was taken by my long and good friend Ricky J. Lesser.  He deserves all the support, attention, and admiration the world can offer, and we were lucky enough to have gained from his immense talents.

To whet your appetite, you may now hop about the virtual world to hear the title track of the new record and read a little press release thing we wrote.  Deathwish, Inc., Secret Voice Records, and Vitriol Records all have features on the record up now, if you so desire.

For our part, we thought it would be important to offer up the new lyrics here on our site before you could get them elsewhere.  As always, the pertinent references are hyperlinked to better entrench you in the ideas we had in our heads as we wrote.  Hope they suffice.

Here is the list of songs you can expect:

1) The Mourning Routine
2) (Santa Anas)
3) Midnight Traffic
4) Puncture Wound
5) Eureka! Moments
6) Five O’Clock Shadows at the Edge of the Western World

Here is the title track:

We are playing this Saturday in Newhall.  And then East Coast in January.  And Midwest in February.  With some record release stuff tossed in for good measure.

Be well,

Eureka! Moments

December 12, 2013

Some they dig for praises
Some they dig for gold
Some they dig their whole damn life
And dig exactly as they’re told
Some boys, they find fortune
Some men find only pain
I dig because I want nothing to do
With the quo that such status maintains
So give me dirt or give me death
Godspeed ye underground:
Please put me six feet down