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Bullet Train to D.C.

August 6, 2014

Photo by Haley Rippy


And if we do not make it to see the light of another day it was only because the allure of the gas station teeth brushing was too much, and because we thrived on a lack of sleep, and because we felt an affinity for chipped teeth and knotted necks, and because there was far more at stake in a basement teeming with tetanus than there was in the beds we’ve worn thin.  Tell the kids we’ll see them soon…

Thanks to Ceremony and Nothing for the dramatic weekend, and to Jack for taking care of us, and to Hayley Rippy for documenting it, amongst other things.

Our Erie, PA matinee show has been canceled.  Maybe we’ll reschedule something instead of it?  Maybe not.  Other than that, stay the course:

SAT AUG 9 Washington, D.C. @ St. Stephen’s
SUN AUG 10 Columbia, SC @ Foxfield
MON AUG 11 Greensboro, NC @ 1404 Glenwood Ave.
TUE AUG 12 Atlanta, GA @ 529 Bar
WED AUG 13 Nashville, TN @ Cafe Coco
THU AUG 14 Louisville, KY @ Haymarket Whiskey Bar
FRI AUG 15 Detroit, MI @ Don’t Call It A Fest (Tangent Gallery)
SAT AUG 16 Chicago, IL @ Mousetrap
SUN AUG 17 Erie, PA @ The Alamo (matinee at 1pm)
SUN AUG 17 Pittsburgh, PA @ Mr. Roboto Project (night)
MON AUG 18 Buffalo, NY @ 1239 Niagara St.
TUE AUG 19 New Britain, CT @ Pulaski Club
WED AUG 20 Somerville, MA @ Cuisine en locale
THU AUG 21 Long Branch, NJ @ Brighton Bar
FRI AUG 22 Brooklyn, NY @ 538 Johnson*
SAT AUG 23 NYC, NY @ ABC No Rio (matinee at 3pm)
SAT AUG 23 Philadelphia, PA @ Golden Tea House (night)*
SAT AUG 23 Philadelphia, PA @ TBD (late night)


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  1. Barrie permalink
    August 19, 2014 1:43 pm

    Any idea of the details for the 538 Johnson Ave show? I.e. time and which apartment (a few different ones on the first floor have been show spaces in the past). I can’t find any info on it as I don’t know anyone who lives there currently.

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