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Cermonial Prelude, Mid-/Eastern Rerpise

July 24, 2014

Do people even use the internet anymore? Are websites not yet post-hip(ster)? If a blog entry is typed in the wilds of Minneapolis, does it make the rounds? Mostly I feel like these missives are about as valuable to the world as the doodles I once made while trapped on the landline of my childhood phone with my aunts and uncles. Bands by now have moved on to holograms and henna tattoos and 5th Avenue rogue projections as a way of alerting the world of their (unimportant) activities. As ever, we here at DANGERS adhere to a strict diet of doing things the outmoded way, and enjoy springing things on you as last minute as possible. As such, we are going to be playing three shows with Ceremony and Nothing, and then will drive out to the middle and east of America to perform shows with Graf Orlock and Holy. So, if you feel as though your Twitter feed needs a shot in the arm, or your ‘gram game is lacking hashtags relating to misspent testosterone, feel free to pry yourself away from Naked and Afraid and meet us in one of these locations to get a taste of our decade-long schlogg straight to hell, with a smattering of the new what’s next:

Shows with Ceremony and Nothing:

FRI AUG 1 Los Angeles, CA @ The Roxy (concussion pending)
SAT AUG 2 San Francisco, CA @ The Rickshaw Stop
SUN AUG 3 Bakersfield, CA @ Muñoz Boxing Gym

Shows with Graf Orlock and Holy and Wet Witch*:


SAT AUG 9 Washington, D.C. @ St. Stephen’s
SUN AUG 10 Columbia, SC @ Foxfield
MON AUG 11 Greensboro, NC @ TBD
TUE AUG 12 Atlanta, GA @ 529 Bar
WED AUG 13 Nashville, TN @ Cafe Coco
THU AUG 14 Louisville, KY @ Haymarket Whiskey Bar
FRI AUG 15 Detroit, MI @ Don’t Call It A Fest (Tangent Gallery)
SAT AUG 16 Chicago, IL @ Mousetrap
SUN AUG 17 Erie, PA @ The Alamo (matinee at 1pm)
SUN AUG 17 Pittsburgh, PA @ Mr. Roboto Project (night)
MON AUG 18 Buffalo, NY @ 1239 Niagara St.
TUE AUG 19 New Britain, CT @ Pulaski Club
WED AUG 20 Somerville, MA @ Cuisine en locale
THU AUG 21 Asbury Park, NJ @ Wunderloft (700 Main Street)*
FRI AUG 22 Brooklyn, NY @ 538 Johnson*
SAT AUG 23 NYC, NY @ ABC No Rio (matinee at 3pm)
SAT AUG 23 Philadelphia, PA @ Golden Tea House (night)*
SAT AUG 23 Philadelphia, PA @ TBD (late night)

With all due sincerity,
Al and Earl and Justin and Anthony

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