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April Show(er)s

April 2, 2014


The sporadically undulating beast we collectively refer to as DANGERS will be emerging from the brief hibernation we fell into after our Winter Solstice Trek Into The Frigid Climes of the West, Midwest, and East Coasts.  Here is what that looked like at a place called the Golden Tea House in Philadelphia:

We are now poised to take our talents to our home court, and then some, in an effort to rid ourselves of the disgust we’ve accumulated in the interim.  We will be playing a book release show in Hollywood, and then a few shows with our good friends in Thou around the Southern Californian area.  After that, we are taking some time to write and record the LP that you will sell on Ebay in a few years.  (Is Ebay still a thing?)  Then we will be driving around the East Coast (this is in August, mind you), sweating our weight in woe with the mighty Graf Orlock and our good Milanese friends in Holy.

4/13/14: @ Space 15 Twenty (across the street from Amoeba in Hollywood) 4pm!!!
4/22/14: @ Hard to Find in Goleta (7190 Hollister Ave) at 7pm
4/22/14: @ the Che Cafe in San Diego at Che Cafe at 7pm
4/23/14: @ the Echo in Los Angeles (1820 Sunset Blvd.) at 8pm

Summer is threatening.  The earth is laughing at us.  Love is buried in unwashed pillowcases.  Hangnails abound.  Science is trying.  Miles do not get any easier.  Tinnitus, calcium, and halitosis.  A hex hangs in the balance.  And guns are always much easier to get your hands on.  I am not certain, yet, that we matter.  But in the instance that we do…



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    April 16, 2014 2:18 am

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