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Songs, plans, missed opportunities, etc

April 8, 2013

-Here over at Dangers HQ (whether Redondo or Buena Park garages), the new 7″ is slowly and surprisingly taking shape. These songs have the relative dissonance of some earlier Danglerz releases, but with the carry through and immediacy of some shit we haven’t done before. In all what we got going is good, so stick with us idiots and we will see what happens.

-In label news there’s a lot of new stuff up including “Do You Have Anything to Declare?”, by myself and Kevin Stewart-Panko, about touring bands, borders, and everything that blows in between, you can peep that HERE if you are so inclined.

-In other news, we are working in a new drummer right now who appears to be a fabulous new fit to our shithead cadre, and will be appearing at some upcoming shows and on “the continent”. Sad to say our friends in Comadre played their third and second to last show down here with Ghostlimb this weekend, and if all works out with scheduling, you will be seeing us at their last show June 15th at Gilman. Otherwise catch us somewhere else.

-In the wide world of 99% of experience that isn’t punk music, it was Al’s birthday on Sat (where i summarily, on accident, drove to San Diego without him), so celebrate with Al and his shitcake, because it is all downhill when he hit 45.Image


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