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October 4, 2011



Most titles/subject lines I’ve ever used have served little purpose.  I just put them there because if I don’t, they’re empty.  This one does, so there.


Lest we forget that Chomsky is still the most relevant brain alive, I’ve linked (or tried to, my eSkills always leave much to be desired) a quick interview that he recently did with RT.  His concluding statement is that “it’s up to the people in the advanced industrial countries to compel their governments to go along with the world.”  Though this is hardly a new idea, it’s often an empty one, as a similar statement has been uttered far more frequently than a corresponding action has been implemented.  Transition into: let’s hear it for Occupy Wall Street.  However you may want to criticize the means, they’re certainly doing something.  One of the most tangible differences between Bush and Obama is that one guy mobilized millions of protesters with each shitty choice while the other elicits mainly yawns along with a few “grassroots” campaign donations to some tea-party butthole.  Yet recently people are pissed when they ought to be, which is a welcome change, and these people are doing something, which is more than most people are in any position to criticize.


Also, ZNet is about to roll out their social network-esque thing (I’d be more specific, but I’m not sure even they can).  I hate facebook and twitter more than most things, but there is an undeniable usefulness to being able to move any amount of information quickly (by what other means could I ramble as I am currently to a handful of people I don’t know).  So this is it!  The opportunity for all us radicals who just can’t live without the knowledge of exactly how and why-come our hundreds of friends are feeling at any given moment to do it without the accompanying sludge of Googlery and privacy invasion (or at least, less of it).  Projects like theirs take a good deal of time and effort, and will only thrive if we give them a shot.  I for one, will give it a shot (until someone finds me and complains about how I didn’t respond in a timely fashion to some mundane “sup, dude”, at which point I will crawl happily back under my rock).


In other news: We’re playing Boston on November 3rd, Brooklyn on November 4th, Bristol (in Vermont, I’m told) November 5th, and New Britain on the 6th.  Come say hi, or save the money and find us at Foodswings afterwards.  Also, sincere apologies to anyone who traveled decent distances to Within These Walls Fest.  There were a number of people who claimed to spend a good deal of time/money to come and support us and we cut our own set short.  We’ll try not to do that in the future.

Be pleasant,





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