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Cermonial Prelude, Mid-/Eastern Rerpise

July 24, 2014

Do people even use the internet anymore? Are websites not yet post-hip(ster)? If a blog entry is typed in the wilds of Minneapolis, does it make the rounds? Mostly I feel like these missives are about as valuable to the world as the doodles I once made while trapped on the landline of my childhood phone with my aunts and uncles. Bands by now have moved on to holograms and henna tattoos and 5th Avenue rogue projections as a way of alerting the world of their (unimportant) activities. As ever, we here at DANGERS adhere to a strict diet of doing things the outmoded way, and enjoy springing things on you as last minute as possible. As such, we are going to be playing three shows with Ceremony and Nothing, and then will drive out to the middle and east of America to perform shows with Graf Orlock and Holy. So, if you feel as though your Twitter feed needs a shot in the arm, or your ‘gram game is lacking hashtags relating to misspent testosterone, feel free to pry yourself away from Naked and Afraid and meet us in one of these locations to get a taste of our decade-long schlogg straight to hell, with a smattering of the new what’s next:

Shows with Ceremony and Nothing:

FRI AUG 1 Los Angeles, CA @ The Roxy (concussion pending)
SAT AUG 2 San Francisco, CA @ The Rickshaw Stop
SUN AUG 3 Bakersfield, CA @ Muñoz Boxing Gym

Shows with Graf Orlock and Holy and Wet Witch*:


SAT AUG 9 Washington, D.C. @ St. Stephen’s
SUN AUG 10 Columbia, SC @ Foxfield
MON AUG 11 Greensboro, NC @ TBD
TUE AUG 12 Atlanta, GA @ 529 Bar
WED AUG 13 Nashville, TN @ Cafe Coco
THU AUG 14 Louisville, KY @ Haymarket Whiskey Bar
FRI AUG 15 Detroit, MI @ Don’t Call It A Fest (Tangent Gallery)
SAT AUG 16 Chicago, IL @ Mousetrap
SUN AUG 17 Erie, PA @ The Alamo (matinee at 1pm)
SUN AUG 17 Pittsburgh, PA @ Mr. Roboto Project (night)
MON AUG 18 Buffalo, NY @ 1239 Niagara St.
TUE AUG 19 New Britain, CT @ Pulaski Club
WED AUG 20 Somerville, MA @ Cuisine en locale
THU AUG 21 Asbury Park, NJ @ Wunderloft (700 Main Street)*
FRI AUG 22 Brooklyn, NY @ 538 Johnson*
SAT AUG 23 NYC, NY @ ABC No Rio (matinee at 3pm)
SAT AUG 23 Philadelphia, PA @ Golden Tea House (night)*
SAT AUG 23 Philadelphia, PA @ TBD (late night)

With all due sincerity,
Al and Earl and Justin and Anthony

Summer Rain

May 15, 2014

Sweltering.  Reading W.G. Sebald.  Trying to ply our trade in the new riff department.  Sweating at this screen, setting up shows.  There is going to be more than this, oddballs and one-offs, but so far this is what you can expect from us (besides churning new album wheels silently in the background). Also, if you can help us with any of our summer dates, or have any desire to book our band in a strange place, please don’t hesitate to email us.

FRI MAY 23: Seattle, WA @ The Black Lodge in Seattle @ 10pm
SUN MAY 25: Seattle, WA @ Neumos in Seattle for Rainfest
SAT JUN 7: Mesa, AZ @ The Underground (w/ BANE and Run With The Hunted)
SUN JUN 8: Tucson, AZ @ Gary’s Place (w/ Run With The Hunted)
FRI JUN 27: San Diego, CA @ The Che Cafe (w/ Pity Sex)

SUMMER TOUR w/ Graf Orlock and Holy

SAT AUG 9: Washington, D.C. (need help)
SUN AUG 10: Richmond, VA (need help)
MON AUG 11: Charlotte, NC or Columbia, SC
TUE AUG 12: Atlanta, GA
WED AUG 13: Nashville, TN
THU AUG 14: Louisville, KY
FRI AUG 15: Chicago, IL
SAT AUG 16: Detroit, MI
SUN AUG 17: Pittsburgh, PA
MON AUG 18: Buffalo, NY
TUE AUG 19: Connecticut
WED AUG 20: Boston, MA
THU AUG 21: New Jersey
SAT AUG 23: Philly

Again, any help with any of these dates will be much appreciated.  Stay tuned for a few more dates as well, some (perhaps) even in our own neck of the woods.




Thank you and good night, fine sir.

May 4, 2014


If in life we may be so lucky, we get but a handful of moments to sink our teeth into so strongly that little bits and pieces of those days never get out from between our teeth.  In the winter of 2006, our band had the grand fortune of being asked to play a show at a place called The Tiki House–a small residential garage in a military neighborhood converted into a venue via stolen milk crate stage and spray paint.  Even fewer people than now cared to see our band play back then, and we felt honored and obliged to play any place that offered.


We went into the evening expecting little more than a hodgepodge scattering of punk kids and their tagalong friends, but as we pulled up to the house, barely-muffled noise seeping out from down some overcrowded driveway, the swarm of laughter and joy and intensity and Safeway brand Tiki Soda announced immediately that we were in for something else.  The garage was so packed that we could barely squeeze ourselves into it.  Everyone was going bonkers, doing microphone hand-outs with bananas instead of microphones, moshing while sitting down, stagediving off of backs into the roof, and everyone knowing every word to every song their friends were playing.  Words are going to fail here, but hopefully something of the sentiment will not: I was 22-years-old, a thousand miles from home, feeling like maybe I was wasting my time, like maybe there was a suit and tie in some department store I was supposed to be wearing, and that the silly loud music I was playing was a phase I had let stay on past its prime.  Five minutes into our set, though, and it was already enough to right my mind and convince me that so long as my bones would allow it, those small little sweaty rooms were the only real home I would ever really know.


It has been many years now since that moment.  Many years since I met the boys and girls that taught me how to eat life up in gulps.  Many years passed, many of them moved away, or making smaller versions of themselves, or turning tassels, or getting up onto stages more fitting of their talents, many of them growing up and on and past our band being relevant to them anymore.  Much (most?) of me, though, has never left that room, and has never moved passed the awe that those boys and girls instilled in me.  One of their own, Sam Silverstein, passed away today after a terrible diving accident at work.  And while he and I did not know each other for long, qualitative periods of time, the handful of moments that he shared with me were enough to remind me how much more in love with life I could be.  He was a singular man, warm, meaningful, important, and one of the few people that has ever passed away and made me wish whatever heavens others believe in actually exist.  If there were any justice in this life, Sam would be there now, in his short shorts, skanking deep into the night, swinging me into the crook of his elbow, trampling this odd life underfoot ad infinitum. Rest in power, Sam, forever and ever.



April Show(er)s

April 2, 2014


The sporadically undulating beast we collectively refer to as DANGERS will be emerging from the brief hibernation we fell into after our Winter Solstice Trek Into The Frigid Climes of the West, Midwest, and East Coasts.  Here is what that looked like at a place called the Golden Tea House in Philadelphia:

We are now poised to take our talents to our home court, and then some, in an effort to rid ourselves of the disgust we’ve accumulated in the interim.  We will be playing a book release show in Hollywood, and then a few shows with our good friends in Thou around the Southern Californian area.  After that, we are taking some time to write and record the LP that you will sell on Ebay in a few years.  (Is Ebay still a thing?)  Then we will be driving around the East Coast (this is in August, mind you), sweating our weight in woe with the mighty Graf Orlock and our good Milanese friends in Holy.

4/13/14: @ Space 15 Twenty (across the street from Amoeba in Hollywood) 4pm!!!
4/22/14: @ Hard to Find in Goleta (7190 Hollister Ave) at 7pm
4/22/14: @ the Che Cafe in San Diego at Che Cafe at 7pm
4/23/14: @ the Echo in Los Angeles (1820 Sunset Blvd.) at 8pm

Summer is threatening.  The earth is laughing at us.  Love is buried in unwashed pillowcases.  Hangnails abound.  Science is trying.  Miles do not get any easier.  Tinnitus, calcium, and halitosis.  A hex hangs in the balance.  And guns are always much easier to get your hands on.  I am not certain, yet, that we matter.  But in the instance that we do…



Chicago Venue Change

February 15, 2014

venue change for show in chicago tonight    

1719 west albion

see you there

Go (mid)west, die young…

February 12, 2014

Dear Windchill:

Be kind to us.  Our skin is not what it used to be.  Our soles may not suffice.

St. Louis, we are coming for your arch.
Chicago, we are coming for your deep dishes.
Grand Rapids, we are coming for your pancake houses.
Dearborn, we come to see Refuge.

With love and calloused fingers (LP3),
DANGERS (plural in the abstract)

Mavericks, Half Moons, and The Edge of the Western World

January 30, 2014

Our Homecoming found us breaking more PA systems (joke perennially on us) and eating more Pure Luck than we could handle.  Old friends, new record execs, guitar heroes, bosses, scoring partners, kids enjoying their first show (ever) all came out and shared the floor with us.  Repeatedly: THANK YOU.

We now turn our sights to the northern latitudes of our hallowed state, already bursting with 50-foot-face pride, for four shows of incomparable happenstance.  We’re playing at 924 Gilman in Berkeley, Casa Sanchez in SF, CYC in Fresno, and (on SUPERBOWL SUNDAY) we play at Project 418 in Santa Cruz.  The shows are chockfull of bands that we are in awe of (Know Secrets, Loma Prieta, The Down House, High Water, amongst others), plus we’ll cut our hair and get remaindered books at Moe’s.  Below, in all their multihued glory, are the flyers:

Unstoppable filth, flattery, rosebuds, and the lingering scent of snuffed matches.

et al dangersss


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